Top Places to visit in Montreal

Confused!!! Do not know which place you must visit in Montreal. Don’t worry, it is no more a challenge to select places that you can visit. You can go through blog to get all the information related Montreal. We would suggest some places that you can visit while you are in the city. There are many places that will meet your expectations of having the perfect summer holiday like: museums, churches, beaches, historical sites, casinos, etc.

Old Montreal:

One of the famous places that tourists would want to go to. It is the oldest part of the city and gives you a feel of Europe. Characterized by its cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture, it is just 5 minutes from downtown. It has many boutiques, shops and restaurants that you may go to. It is a must visit place and should be the first place that you visit in the city.


Botanical Gardens:

A trip to this place would prove to be a beautiful experience. Considered to be one of the world’s finest gardens, it has around thirty different thematic gardens, 10 greenhouses and an arboretum. Different events, exhibitions and activities that take place throughout the year attract a huge number of people.

Mount Royal:

It is one of the most relaxing places that you can be at. It is located at the north of downtown Montreal and can be seen from most parts of the city. It is a popular place of visit during summers. It attracts cyclists, joggers, hikers, picnickers, and tourists from all over the world.

Notre-Dame Basilica:

It is the oldest catholic church built in 1656 with impressive architectural designs. It has stained glass windows that depict the history of Montreal. It is one of the best churches with an amazing interior that you may have seen. Whether you are a believer or not, you definitely need to visit this place.



An ecological zoo and a science centre, it has replicas of the four eco-systems: tropical rainforest, Laurential maple forest, sub-polar and the gulf of St. Lawrence found in America. It has audio guide systems and self-guided tours that tell you about the exhibits. It is a cool experience to visit this place and see plants and animals of the different seasons.

St. Joseph’s Oratory:

The largest shrine in the world, dedicated to St. Joseph. Many concerts, exhibits, religious celebrations and other activities are conducted here. It has the tomb of brother Andre and the heart of him that is preserved here. It is considered one of the great spiritual centres in the world and attracts people who come here to experience healing.

Olympic Stadium:

It was built for the summer games of 1976. It is the largest in Canada and is nicknamed “The Big O” in reference to its doughnut shape of the roofs.

These are some of the places that we have mentioned which will guide you. Meanwhile, we recommend you to subscribe to blog if you wish to know more about Montreal. We have not covered all the places as it would not be possible to visit all the places. You will always have to come back to the city to visit places as the tour would not be complete in a single or a couple of visits.



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