Ramazan around the world

Ramazan is celebrated around the world by Muslims, with great joy and happiness. It is the most awaited holy month for the Muslims. Ramazan is the month of fasting, so Muslims fast during Ramazan 2017 Blog around the world. Ramazan is also popularly known as Ramadan among Muslims, so if you hear Ramadan or Ramadhan, don’t get confused it is Ramazan. I am sure you would want to know when Ramazan starts this year. Let me explain you the start dates.


Start of Ramazan.

Ramazan is the 9th month of Islamic Calendar and Islamic calendar follow Lunar calendar, that means the start of the new month depends on the sighting of the new moon and thus it is difficult to find the exact start date before time. Ramazan month starts when the crescent new moon is see, we live in the world of science and thus we can find estimated start date for the Ramazan month by scientific calculator. The estimated start date for Ramazan is 28th June 2017 and ends on 27the July 2014, the actual date may vary.


Prophet Muhammad received Revelation from Allah through Gabriel during the month of Ramazan, when he was fasting and thus fast is compulsory during the Ramazan month.

4 important things to follow during Ramazan.

Fasting is first most important thing to do. Every adult Muslim has to fast from sunrise to sunset. During the fasting hrs they cannot eat, drink, smoke and enjoy sex. Sick, pregnant women’s, breastfeeding women’s, females in menses can cover up for the days later.


All Muslims during Ramazan around the world are motivated to offer more prayers and recite Quran for more times and all they engage in more of charity, giving food to poor people.

All the Muslims countries celebrate the festival will happiness and rejoice during the month. It is one of the most important festivals for every Muslim. father’s day 2017 greeting around the world will be celebrated on the sighting of the crescent new moon. The estimated start date for Ramazan around the world is 28th June 2014. Important thing for the festival is, even if the start date may vary in different countries, but the love and emotion for the festival is same everywhere.


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