Rangoli Designs for Pongal

Pongal is also known as ‘Sanktanti’ is one of the most auspicious festival of Hindu. Pongal is celebrated during the timespan of January to February and it is four day- long celebration in Tamil Nadu. This Pongal festival is a form of harvest festival celebrated by the people in Tamil Nadu and it is a way to say thanks to nature for helping the crops to grow. And people celebrate pongal by creating rangoli patterns in their house. Goddess Laxmi see this design and bless the family with wealth. Rangoli desings and patterns are created by mixing the rice powder with different colours. We hereby bring you few Pongal Kolam Designs to try at your home during this festival.

flower easy design

The floral design at the middle of this Fabulous rangoli design is quite unique and is encircled by lotus flower design. The lotus is filled with pink, blue and orange makes this design more beautiful. This design is very simple and suitable for the festival day.

This beautiful and simple Pongal Kolam is Symmetrical as most kolam designs are symmetrical. The main features of this design is that if they are divided into two parts either horizontal or vertical, the will remains same on each side. The brewing sweet pot is the symbol of prosperity with the flowers and butterflies.

Kolam designs are generally made using geometric shapes, where the dots are connected to form floral designs. Use of colour to outline this design makes it look even more presentable and beautiful. This design is ideal for a learner and also perfect if you have less time in hand.

This Pongal Kolam design with dots seems a bit complex but the unusual use of shades and colours makes it unique design. The flower pattern in this design makes it more attractive.


Here in this design the combination of black and yellow and blue with green and orange together with purple makes this design attractive. Diya designs are also nice one and the brewing pot of sweet makes this design more beautiful. Brewing pot is the symbol of prosperity and hence this Rangoli is very common.

This Pongal design is simple and easy like rangoli designs which can make anyone to be appreciated by the viewers. The yellow, green, purple and saffron combination over the grey base makes the design simply fabulous. This design requires the expertise on the part of the creator of the design.

I hope you like my article on Rangoli designs for Pongal. Any suggestion? Comment below.


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