Diwali Pooja 2014

Diwali is really a festival that has religious associations. Diwali may be the five days festivity that begins on “Dhanteras” and ends on “Bhai Dooj”. The most critical ritual that is executed marriage ceremony of Diwali is that of Diwali Pooja, normally often called Lakshmi Pooja because people worship Goddess Lakshmi About this day to invite her blessings by means of health insurance and wealth in the family and business. In 2010, diwali calendar 2014 Pooja are going to be recognized on 23rd October 2014, Thursday.

Diwali Quotes  in Hindi

Even though carrying this out routine that is of immense significance specially in the categories of Hindu religious belief, your home is cleansing primary by washing it thoroughly is mentioned here. The cleansing in the houses starts from many days prior to the festival by itself. It can be notion that lots of Indians hold tight to their hearts that goddess Lakshmi visits the homes of all people around the night of Diwali. Considering a belief every residence is lightened while using earthen lamp or tiny lights to welcome the deity. Beautiful Rangolis are manufactured through the women or girls on a lawn with the doorsteps and also courtyards by leaving the entrances of the houses open within the night after finishing Diwali Pooja to be a welcome gesture in order to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of health, wealth and prosperity.

During five days festival of Diwali distinct rituals are and then different religions and combined with goddess Laxmi a number of other gods and goddesses are worshipped. Some Hindu offers Diwali Pooja to additional deities for instance kali, Ganesha, Saraswati and Kuber. Ganesh Pooja symbolizes being endowed along with ethical beginning of one’s business and fearless get rid of hurdles in your lifetime, Saraswati Pooja represents be blessed with music, literature and studying and Kuber Pooja symbolizes for being blessed with book keeping, treasury and wealth management skills. Diwali Pooja symbolizes for being blessed with wealth and prosperity.


Diwali Pooja is done Not simply at houses but also at offices and is particularly the significant day which are more Hindu entrepreneurs. On this day in bottle, pen and new account books are worshipped in several towns especially Gujarati businessmen do “Chopda Pujan” within this day. During “Chopda Pujan” new book of balances are inaugurated in presence of goddess Laxmi to find her blessing for the next financial year. Shubh Labh is written within the most visited page of business books.

Develop this post on Diwali Greetings 2014 Pooja give you some help in solving your queries regarding where to start on Diwali Pooja? Congratulations , you may do your Diwali Pooja for 2014 following every one of the rituals post by Roweena. We wish which you “Happy Diwali 2014”. If you wish to offer any tips about the article comment inside section below:


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