Christmas Day 2014

Christmas is a festival celebrated by Christians of the all countries in the world. Christmas is the biggest and most popular festival for all Christians of the world. Christmas is a one week festival celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Happy new year greetings is celebrated to mark the birth of the Savor – Jesus Christ. The occasion falls on 25th of the last month of the year, December. Christmas is all about sharing love and peace to neighbors, friends, relatives, colleagues, and family members. It is the time to remove all the hatred lying within our hearts instead we need to grow feeling of love and brotherhood to all. The occasion is not only for Christians but is also celebrated by Non-Christians worldwide so this festival is not limited to religion but is also proved to be a cultural one.


Christmas Day 2014 is started with the season of Advent which means ‘the coming’. People start their preparations to welcome their savior Jesus coming on 25th December. Xmas is an occasion which is to be celebrated with special things such as cakes, candles, lights, carols and noels, Christmas cribs placing nativity sets, Christmas trees, church masses, Santa Claus, etc. People decorate their houses with colorful lights, green – red- white wreaths.

Some very unique elements of Christmas are candles & cakes, cookies & Creams, Christmas Carols & Noels, Christmas trees & Christmas crib, attending masses in church, The Santa Claus and many others exciting and cheery stuff. It is the Santa Claus that makes Christmas lot more enjoyable and much more fun. Kids along with their friends wait for the Santa to come to their homes on Christmas Eve on his reindeer sledge with a bag full of toys, chocolates and toffees click here.


Kids hang large and tiny stockings near the chimneys and other spots of their home as they do believed that Santa may fill the socks with presents by entering into their houses through the chimney. Kids enjoy the Holiday season by making snow idols of the Snow Man & Santa Claus as well using the snow in their courtyard. Christmas is a time for people to attend special Xmas mass in the churches at 24th Dec midnights especially. Fireworks & crackers are set off during Christmas Nights and New Year nights. New Year Bash parties at beaches, pubs & clubs are the best part of Christmas Day 2014.

Merry Christmas to all…………….


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