Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 is an occasion celebrated every year by Christians in the world. Nowadays not only Christians but even Non-Christians celebrate this festival with same joy and enthusiasm. All the people live up to the spirit of Christmas with all excitement and love. People start the preparations a couple of months before the Christmas Season start. They prepare special yummy puddings, rich dark plum mouth watery cakes only for the Christmas Season. The Christians all over the world enthusiastically celebrate this wonderful Christmas occasion of love, joy, peace and brotherhood.


It is a great fun day for the kids, who enjoy singing the Christmas carols, which is considered as Christmas mothers day greetings hymns sung in chorus in loving memory of Christ’s birth. They wait look for Santa Claus known as the Father Christmas who is believed to come from the North Pole in his sledge pulled by the amazing reindeers. Santa Claus is a person who spreads joy and happiness among the kids by distributing gifts, presents, toys, chocolates and other surprises for them. It is also believed that he enters the house through the chimney. Kids hung small stockings near the chimney for Santa to fill it with lovely and surprising gifts. Santa Claus comes at midnights when all are asleep and quietly keeps all the Xmas presents under the mistletoe and vanishes somewhere into the white snow.


All the shops, stores, granaries, malls, halls, schools, colleges, buildings, churches, hotels, etc are decorated with glittering lights and wonderful colored paper flowers and other patterns and designs, balloons, and various candles and lamps. The markets are full of Xmas cards, Xmas decorative items, nativity sets, Xmas trees that are real as well as artificial, go to this page. People buy this stuff and decorate their houses. Fireworks are also a part of Christmas 2014 celebrations.

************Merry Christmas 2014 to all****************


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